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Last updated 12:40 PM on 4 April 2018

Rugby Connect Trytons 

A specialised Rugby Union program designed to allow all boys and girls to be involved in our great game! 

Rugby Connect is a rugby union program developed for special needs boys and girls between the ages of 5 – 17 years. 

The season is run by Sydney Junior Rugby with the assistance of the Australian Rugby Union and NSW Rugby. 

The participants are professionally coached by staff or trained volunteers with an understanding of the limitations that each child with special needs may encounter. 

All activities are non-tackling rugby simulated games with a focus on ball handling, kicking, catching and passing. All children are grouped according to their ability and will participate in skill-based activities aimed at improving their skills, coordination, fitness and team work.


See Flyer for more information.

Tryton Rugby Connect (pdf 1137 KB)

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